Experience Council

Elevating Traditional Trade Independents, Together.

Our Mission

The CPG Experience Council’s vision is to share and develop best practices and data to foster competitive customer experiences that help brand owners, customers and consumers win. We intend to establish our influence by incorporating three core principles.

Experienced Leaders
Offering expert CX best practices and strategies.
Exclusive Data
Sharing insider benchmarks and measurements.
Ongoing Education
Providing endless opportunities and access to learning and resources.

Dear Future Council Member

I’ve spent the last 32 years of my career in the FMCG world and loved every moment as it’s always been about people doing business with people. But having retired I still have an itch that as an industry, and for me personally we have some unfinished business still on the table.

The CPG industry is in a time of change.

COVID, supply chain challenges, inflationary pressures and digital transformation can either worry you OR you can see the potential to provide a way forward to solve all those issues in the most loyal but fragmented channel we all trade in. Together we can harness the technology of today to the greater good of this channel, setting and raising universal benchmarks with the sole aim of improving their Customer Experience….. Because if we do, everyone benefits.

If this is something you or your company cares about - it’s time to join this council and become a founding member of something that could be truly transformational.

Nigel Tordoff
Chair, CPG Experience Council

Your Chance to Make a Difference

As an experienced hand in the CPG industry, you understand the obstacles traditional trade independents face. From supply chain challenges to inflationary pressures, we don’t see this as a time of worry — we see this as an opportunity to solve issues in the most loyal but fragmented channel we trade-in.

Create a Vision

Help shape the ultimate perception on how to professionalize experience in this channel.

Steer Industry Data

Educate frontline CPG workers using a global set of benchmarks for businesses to consistently measure and improve.

Elevate Standards

Utilize the CPG Experience Trust Mark to give your channel partners confidence and ultimately raise industry standards.

The CPG Experience Trust Mark

Our concept for creating the Trust Mark is to set minimum standards for customer and consumer experience.

By the CPG Experience Council applying our Trust Mark, we promise to offer traditional trade independents a range of best practices through constant open dialogue, a space to build on other’s ideas with honest feedback, educational resources for CPG workers, and above all, hold members accountable for our minimum standards when applying the Trust Mark certification.

Supplying a Foundation For Thousands Of Independent Outlets

Soft and Alcoholic Beverages
Salty Snacks
Dairy and Bakery

Who Can Be
Invited to Join?

Accepted representatives of the CPG Experience Council may have experience in roles such as:

Customer Officer
Sales Process Director
Head of Customer Capability
Head of Sales Enablement

From Corporations Like…

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Future Council Member

It’s difficult to make change happen one by one, but imagine what could be accomplished together?